How to know if my pitbull is pure - knows the characteristics

Dogs of the American pit bull terrier, also known as pit bull, pit bull or american pit bull terrier in English, are currently among the most seen in homes, although sadly there are still those who use them in dogfights, so totally illegal, as with many other breeds of dogs. In recent years this race of powerful aspect and very affectionate character has been gaining followers and more and more are occupying a special place in many families.

Those who have adopted or accepted a dog that seems to be of this breed, are likely to want to know if it really is for various reasons, such as knowing if it is necessary to obtain permits for the possession of dogs considered PPP or potentially dangerous dogs or Well because they want to participate in beauty pageants. For this, in this article we answer the question about " how to know if my pitbull is pure or not? ", Explaining its characteristics and more details.

Is it important that a pit bull be purebred?

The real importance of the purity of a dog is an issue that many people have doubts about and the answer may depend on who we ask.

However, since we defend that, in reality, it should only be important in case of being legal breeders of the breed . For other aspects, such as knowing if we should obtain permission for the possession of PPP or potentially dangerous dogs in our country, in reality, it is not so important. This is because in this group of dogs, anyone who is of pure race or mix, meets certain aspects such as size, weight, powerful musculature, bulky head, wide neck and other features, which may vary from one country to another. other. In addition, our hairy will love us, will give love and behave with us equally well whether it is purebred or not, so it should not be an aspect that concerns us.

However, for those who for a reason of weight or for simple curiosity want to know, then we explain the details to know if a pitbull is purebred or not .

Standard of the American pit bull terrier breed - physical characteristics

The first thing that must be taken into account is that the main associations and official entities, responsible for the classification and standardization of dog breeds, such as the FCI or International Cynological Federation or the AKC or American Kennel Club, do not recognize the American pit bull terrier as an official race. Therefore, at this official level it is not a consolidated race. In any case, there is some association that has recognized them as a differentiated race and they have registered them, taking into account a standard.

Also, we must also think that there are many varieties considered as pit bull types or sub-races, such as cobra, red nose pit bull, blue nose pit bull, colby, chamuco or Mexican pit bull, etcetera, but that, in fact, are not officially recognized by any body or association.

It is the associations of United Kennel Club [1] and American Dog Breeders that have stipulated that the American pit bull terrier must meet the following physical characteristics :

  • The pit bull is a medium sized dog with a solid and compact appearance, since the body is only a little longer than it is tall. in females it can be a little longer than in males.
  • With strong and well defined musculature, it is a very athletic dog.
  • Its head is medium length, wide and flat.
  • The snout is wide and is somewhat flat, not as much as a bulldog, may be more or less long, but without reaching the length of races as some shepherd dogs.
  • Its nose is large and wide, with well marked nostrils. It can be any color.
  • The ears are of a size between small and medium, high or half-fallen. This is the natural way although, unfortunately, many are still found with their ears trimmed.
  • The tail is relatively short, with the broad base, narrowing little by little to the tip.
  • Its coat is very short and can be seen in all colors and patterns, ie, with spots, without them, brindle and mixed colors, whether white, black, brown, red, blue, and so on. The only color that is not found in this breed is the merle color, which we see in other breeds of dogs.

Standard of American pit bull terrier - character

Likewise, to determine if a dog belongs to a race, it can also be taken into account that the main characteristics of the race's character fit. Again according to the United Kennel Club, this is the character of a balanced and happy pit bull :

  • Very sociable
  • Stable temperament
  • Strong
  • Trusted
  • Cheerful
  • Funny
  • Full of enthusiasm
  • Enjoy the company of other dogs and humans to the fullest
  • Family and friendly, even with strangers
  • Protectors with the family, especially with children
  • Energetic and vital

As you can see, the aggressive nature that has been related to this race in recent years is not due to a characteristic element of this race. Clearly, the cases of aggressiveness, are treated badly socialized dogs or that have been mistreated, something that can happen in any dog, whether of race or not.

How to know if a pitbull puppy is purebred

Puppies of any type of dog, sometimes, are complicated to identify with a breed and we often wonder what race it might be. In the case of the puppies of pit bull it is necessary to bear in mind that although it is small it will continue having, to proportion, a head and a large and wide snout, as well as the triangular ears and of wide base something bent forward, if they are not cut out

In general, it must be observed that it fulfills the same features mentioned above. Also, keep in mind that, being a puppy, some features of the character will be more marked, such as energy, allergy, confidence, etcértea.

The type of coat and the color do not change because they are puppies, that is, a puppy of this breed will have short hair and may be of different colors and patterns.

As the dog grows, it will be easier to know with more confidence if it is pit bull or not or if it has part of mixture with this race.

What to do if I do not know if my pitbull is pure

In case all these indications have not been enough for you to determine if your furry is of this breed, or if it is a mixture or another race but different, but like an American staffordshire terrier or an American bully, but you keep asking, then we recommend that you follow these tips:

  • Go to a veterinarian to help you determine it.
  • Contact one of the United Kennel Club association.
  • Contact the American Dog Breeders entity.

These are the professionals that can help you to know if your pitbull is pure or not or of what possible breeds may have cross or mix. Remember that the important thing about sharing life with a dog is that you enjoy each other's company and make yourself happy, as well as that it is a responsibility.

It is also necessary to remember that being very strong and energetic dogs, it is necessary that those who walk, train or exercise and take care of them regularly are prepared for it, both physically and for having adequate knowledge, or that they go to a professional canine training or an ethologist.

If you already live with one or are thinking of doing it, we recommend you read this article on How to care for a pit bull.

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