How to know if my dog ​​has fleas

Fleas in your dog can open the way to diseases that can be serious such as anemia or internal parasites such as intestinal tapeworm. Therefore, it is important that we perform periodic reviews of our pet in order to discard this small insect has been installed on your skin. So that you are prepared to locate the alarm signals, in .com we give you an answer to the question of how to know if my dog ​​has fleas .

Steps to follow:


If our dog scratches too much we may think that the fleas have settled on his skin. However, it is very common for dogs to be scratched, so this signal can be confusing when it comes to detecting if it has been bitten by these insects. You should worry if your pet also makes a gesture to bite the skin in the areas where it is scratched.


The most direct way to check if our dog has fleas is by making a visual and deep inspection of their hair and skin. It is something that we must do frequently every week since, when leaving these animals to the street or to the field, it is not uncommon for them to get infected.


What we will detect, more than the fleas themselves, are their feces. The defecations of these insects are black but, if we wet them, they will turn reddish. This is because the fleas feed on the blood of the animal in which they are staying and part of the liquid is eliminated by the feces.


To locate these waste what we can do is place a white towel under our dog and then brush the animal thoroughly. So, if there are feces of the fleas, it will not be difficult for us to visualize them on the towel.


The skin of a dog that has fleas will be plagued, to a greater or lesser extent, by stings of this insect. In addition, it is quite common that the bite is accompanied by an allergic reaction, so if our pet does not have very long hair, it will not be difficult for us to see the bites on his body.