How to recover a wet mobile phone

We all can pass and some has already happened, you are near a river or a puddle or worse in the toilet and you drop the mobile phone inside. The first answer is Shit! I have lost my mobile phone and the worst is all the information inside. Then we explain how to recover a mobile that has been wet and that does not turn on.

You will need to:
  • Hairdryer
  • Paper napkin
  • A television or a computer
Steps to follow:


The first is speed. There's no time to waste, and do not bother thinking about running to your phone company to ask about the guarantee. The phones have a small paper stick (sitker) inside that reacts to moisture, indicating when it has been wet.


Do not try to turn it on, it will not be possible and that process can melt some mobile chip making it impossible to recover after being wet.


Remove the battery, there is a high probability of causing a short circuit that could permanently damage the mobile phone.


Dry the battery with a paper napkin and then let it dry in a place that gives it the sole. Do not dry it with a hair dryer.


Remove the SIM card (The "Chip") from the mobile, in the worst case, at least save the information from our phone and contacts. This as long as you save all the information in the SIM, if it is in the device follow the next step to see how we can save the mobile.


Put the mobile phone to dry : for this, there are several recommended methods, such as submerging the phone in alcohol, plunging it into rice and other strange rituals.


To dry the mobile phone that fell into the water you must use the hair dryer to blow warm air into the phone. Do it for 1 hour.


Place your mobile phone in a stream of warm air, such as the back of a TV or computer. You have to be patient, it is best to leave it at least 48 hours in the same place, with the battery pointing to the air stream.


Check if there are drops of moisture in the viewfinder. If water is still observed, repeat the previous point for another 12 hours.


To finish the process of recovering the wet cell phone you must connect the battery and turn on the device.

  • Avoid excess temperature as it can melt the contacts inside. To avoid this, check with your hand that the air is not too hot.
  • It is possible that if the device survives, the battery will not have the same luck and its duration will shorten.