How to know if my dog ​​has conjunctivitis

Canine conjunctivitis is an ocular condition that is caused by inflammation, and infection in the worst cases, of the inner membrane that lines the eyelids. Depending on the state of the pathology, identifying it may be more or less simple. In any case, it is always important to take our dog to the veterinarian so that he can examine it and initiate the appropriate treatment as soon as possible. Keep reading this article and discover how to know if your dog has conjunctivitis .

Steps to follow:


One of the most common causes of canine conjunctivitis is the intrusion of foreign bodies into the dog's eye, such as dust, sand, etc. Nevertheless, is not the only one. Other reasons that cause the appearance of conjunctivitis can be:

  • The penetration into the eyes of shampoo or other irritant, such as cologne
  • An allergic reaction
  • Ulcers caused by trauma
  • Deficiency of the production of tears
  • A malformation in the eyelid
  • Infections of both viral and bacterial character
  • Distemper or canine hepatitis, both have conjunctivitis as the first symptoms

Also, breeds such as Shar Pei, with a high amount of wrinkles on the skin, can cause the appearance of conjunctivitis when these wrinkles are not properly taken care of or, in the area of ​​the eyes, they are more abundant than they should be.


One of the first symptoms of canine conjunctivitis is the difficulty to open the eyes. Keep in mind that this type of pathology does not have to occur at first in both eyes. This means that you may only keep one of the two closed. Yes, conjunctivitis is spread very quickly and, if you do not remedy, it will probably affect the other eye.


Another symptom is the rejection of light . Conjunctivitis causes the affected dog not to tolerate sunlight, so it will look for the darkest areas of the home or, at least, less illuminated.


In milder cases of canine conjunctivitis, a watery and colorless discharge occurs. In other words, the affected dog has excessively watery eyes. In many cases the conjunctivitis produces a considerable itching in the eyes of the dog and, therefore, it will scratch constantly. It is important that you do not let it scratch, as it can end up damaging your eyes and hurting yourself both internally and externally.


In the most serious cases, the dog with conjunctivitis will present a purulent discharge in a greenish or yellowish tone. The care of the eyes of our dog is fundamental to prevent the appearance of this type of diseases. If you consider that your dog may suffer conjunctivitis, do not hesitate to go to the veterinarian to start treatment. However, to expand your information, in this article we tell you how to treat conjunctivitis of your dog.