How to know if my dog ​​feels lonely

Do you notice that your dog lately is bored or dull? If you usually leave him alone for a long time at home, pay attention to his attitude, as he may be going through a depression . Although we think that loneliness is a purely human feeling, you should know that animals can also experience such depressive effects. If for a human being getting used to solitude is difficult, for a dog it is also difficult. So you should start paying attention to their movements and dedicate a few minutes of your time to it exclusively. In .com we explain how to know if your dog feels lonely . Learn to identify your pet's feelings through their actions. Take note!

Steps to follow:


It is logical that your dog stays alone for hours. Our current pace of life, work or social life, we usually take a lot of time, so you should be aware that the animal spend hours in solitude. Of course, you should keep in mind that this is not a good taste dish for him, so when you get home you should spend a few minutes, despite your fatigue.


Try to always leave something with which to entertain. If you are one of those who leaves the house very early and returns late, you should bear in mind that the poor animal will spend too many hours with nothing to play with . Therefore, before you take a dislike because you have spent playing with household goods, we recommend providing toys, as well as enough food and drink to spend these hours as well as possible.


Do you want to get your attention ? If you observe when you get home that you have urinated on the site that should not or has destroyed your sofa, your cushions or your curtains -for example-, it is probably asking you to shout a little attention from you. Think it's like a small child, what you want is to get it for him, good or bad.


Another symptom of dog depression will be observed in the lack of appetite or increased aggressiveness. Dogs are social animals, so they usually can not stand loneliness. If you observe that he has self-aggrandized, if he has barely eaten or if he has tried to destroy the furniture, he is most likely suffering from a great depression caused by loneliness.


A dog alone is unhappy, so he is often irritable, jealous and nervous . Observe their attitudes and think if you are devoting all the attention that your pet deserves. Self-destructive behavior, especially if they are noticeable in their change of attitude, is one of the most obvious symptoms of their feeling of loneliness.


One of the basic needs for the happiness of your dog is to give him the maximum affection. That both enjoy the company that can be given is essential for your dog to feel energetic, vital and happy. Otherwise, your dog will go through a stress box . Think they are very similar to humans, so rethink how you would be in a similar situation.


Observe their compulsive behaviors. Some of the most obvious are:

  • Spinning on itself or chasing the tail with vehemence.
  • Be nervous and aggressive in any movement.
  • Stand still or move away suddenly.
  • Scratching compulsively.
  • Modernize, lick or eat unusual things (like furniture)
  • Bark or howl without stopping.


It is scientifically proven that these compulsive behaviors can occur, generally, as a consequence of the stress and state of mind that the dog is going through. In addition, it may be more common in some races or others. To combat these disorders caused by depression and loneliness, you should try to reduce the stress of your dog, increase affection and attention and reduce the punishment and ensure that the dog feels more loved. In case the situation does not improve, it is best to go to your veterinarian .


Finally, we advise that if you are aware that you will not be able to devote much time to a dog, rethink the option of having a pet. Do not make them go through situations as unpleasant as those that you can go through if you feel lonely.