How to know if my dog ​​is deaf

You may have suddenly begun to notice a change in behavior in your dog. Maybe he does not go to the door when you get home to celebrate your entrance, or maybe he sleeps more than usual or he does not want to play as he used to. It is possible that you attribute this behavior to an apathy of your dog or that the routine has tired you. But what if it's something more serious? Is it possible that your dog is deaf? To leave doubts, from .com we want to orientate you to how to know if my dog ​​is deaf.

Steps to follow:


Keep in mind that a dog hears four times better than a person, so if you start to realize that your dog does not hear things that you have heard, they should start to alarm you.


Approach your dog when he is asleep and clap his hands, if he does not move or make any movement, start worrying. Although it is also possible that he is deeply asleep.


When you are awake, take a toy that your dog likes and make it sound to see if it reacts. If you do not go when you did before, consider the possibility of your dog suffering from deafness.


Make noise with a bunch of keys or a bell and wait for your dog's reaction.


Speak to your dog and increase the volume of your voice to wait for your dog to react.


If after doing these simple home tests you see that your dog is still not reacting or you notice a change in their behavior, do not hesitate to go as soon as possible to your veterinarian. He will take care of making the test timely to leave doubts.