How to know if my dog ​​plays or fights

Even if you spend a lot of time with your dog, it is sometimes difficult to interpret their language or understand everything they do. This becomes evident when our pet meets another and begin to interact: barks, chases and small bites that sometimes make us doubt if it is a game or if both animals are facing each other. Has it happened? In .com we explain how to know if your dog plays or fights .

Steps to follow:


The game between dogs is very similar to a real hunt, which sometimes makes us doubt if our animal really has fun with another or if it is attacking. But although the bites, barks, chases, violent approaches and grunts can be interpreted as a fight, some bodily signals in both animals will help you to know if your dog is playing or facing.


When our animal plays it usually places the elbows of its front legs on the ground, raising its rear part. This indicates that he is willing to play and that it is not an attack, in that case the dog would be with all four legs on the ground and alert attention.

The movement of the tail is also a sign that it is time to have fun. It will be very high and will move from one place to another widely, a clear invitation to play.


The attitude of dogs when they are willing to play is always very attentive, the mouth will be open and the tongue will usually be outside. The gesture is friendly and the barking is sharp.


Another clear sign that dogs are playing and not fighting is the way animals approach. Instead of pouncing violently, the pet zooms in and out of the other dog quickly, or jumps without moving around. These behaviors are an invitation to play, if the other animal accepts it, the fun begins.


Remember that the game between dogs includes persecution, biting and grunting, so we should not be alarmed unless we detect the presence of signs indicating violence, such as wounds or an aggressive attitude of one or both animals. If one of the dogs begins to bark more seriously or growl insistently with threatening attitude, it's time to stop the game.


It is also important to separate the dogs if one of the two animals is no longer ready for the game, because this indicates that at any time could use violence to end the interaction.