How to know if my dog ​​has a urine infection

Urine infections occur when certain microorganisms invade the urinary tract. This disease is more common in females than in males and the symptom that often warns owners is an increase in the frequency with which your pet urinates. In the following article we review this and other symptoms to help you know if your dog has a urine infection .

Risk factor's

Although males can also have urine infections, the disease is more frequent in females .

The presence of stones, commonly known as stones, is one of the main risk factors.

Also females that have ever suffered a urinary infection are likely to suffer it again, or more frequently, to return to it when they seem to have recovered, especially if they have not followed prescribed antibiotic treatment guidelines and have appeared Resistances of the germs involved.

On the other hand, genitourinary infections, mainly uterine infections, tend to appear a couple of weeks after heat.

Immunosuppressed bitches or those with low defenses are also more susceptible.

Symptoms of urine infection

The main symptom of urine infection in bitches is polyuria, that is, the dog urinates many times, which is usually a pollakiuria (urine often in small amounts). The latter is typical of animals with stones.

Occasionally, the urine may turn a reddish color, due to the presence of blood. Anyway, the red color of urine is not always caused by blood, so if this is your case we advise you to visit a veterinarian.

Although it is not a constant fact, bitches with urine infection can present other symptoms such as fever, weakness or anorexia .

How to avoid urine infections

We recommend that you take your dog at least twice a year to the vet for a review.

There are specific foods, in dry (feed) and wet (cans), available in veterinary centers and specialized stores that help prevent the formation of stones, one of the causes that favor the appearance of urine infections.

You must also provide clean water at will, since water consumption is important to prevent calculations.

It is advisable to be attentive to the behavior and the way to urinate of the bitch after the heat, since in that stage infections can appear.