How to make a slow motion video on iPhone 6

If you already have your iPhone 6, you will be discovering all its features. One of them, which was already included in iPhone 5s, is the recording of videos in slow motion . The truth is that it can be very interesting if, for example, you want to study how the movements of an animal or of a person when doing certain sports exercises. To help you fully enjoy your phone, in .com we explain how to make a slow motion video on iPhone 6 .

Steps to follow:


The first step is to open the 'Camera' application on your iPhone. As you know, it's the same one you use to take normal or panoramic pictures and videos at normal speed.


Once the application of 'Camera' is opened, the most normal thing is to appear as you see in the image that accompanies this text, that is, with the option of 'Photo' in the center, by default. In this way, what you would do if you clicked on the button would be a photograph. To be able to make a video in slow motion with the iPhone 6, what you have to do is slide your finger so that in the center is 'Slow Motion'.


The way you see in the image is how the 'Camera' application needs to be in order to record a video in slow motion. You can see that a legend with that configuration appears in the center. On the right, '240 fps' appears, which means that 240 frames per second will be made, with the result that the video will be seen in slow motion . To start recording, simply click on the red button.


In the upper part of the screen you will see the seconds of video that you have recorded, in this case, 4 seconds. To finish recording, all you have to do is press the red button again.


If you go to the application of Photos of your iPhone 6 you can see your video in slow motion. An album with the name of 'Slow Motion' will have been created and all videos of this mode will be saved there.


You will have the option to share your slow motion video of iPhone 6 in the same way as the normal images or videos that you make with your mobile phone.