How to know if my hamster is cold

Do you know how to care for your hamster in the coldest times of the year? Well, like humans, your pet also feels the ravages of low temperatures. It is often mistakenly thought that animals with their fur tolerate the cold much better, but in this case it is a wrong concept, since a hamster feels the cold on his skin despite having hair and even in excess could make him sick of gravity. In this article .com we tell you how to know if your hamster is cold .

Steps to follow:


To begin with, it is very important that you know that most hamsters usually hibernate to spend the winter better. Hibernation is a state that is characterized by being in drowsiness, a pronounced decrease in body temperature, the rate of metabolism and at the same time decreases the intensity of vital signs. It is very possible that you have never seen your hamster go cold because directly many of the small rodents hibernate. Despite this, not all rodents that live in cages develop the ability to hibernate, it is a hereditary trait and not everyone knows how to do it. You must have this very clear, because if the cold arrives and your pet does not overcome it, it could die of hypothermia.


So if you do not want to take any chances when the cold weather arrives and prevent you from hibernating, we recommend that you follow the following tips. If you keep it awake, you will know at all times how it is and your goal is to ensure its welfare. You should try that the environmental temperature of your house is above 15 degrees during the moments of sunlight. In addition, you must feed your hamster with the appropriate daily doses so that it stays strong and healthy. Anyway, in cold weather, this will not be enough to support low temperatures without risk.


You will have to keep your cage and nest relatively close to an artificial heat source inside your house and during the day try to be close to the sun through the windows. In the coldest moments, you should try to touch him often to make sure he has not entered a time of hibernation. If you feel your body cold and breathing slowly, you may be preparing to hibernate. Even your hamster may seem dead, but in truth your body will become rigid only if it is hibernating.


If you notice that your body begins to stiffen by the cold and even shivering, it is advisable that you begin to caress it gently to warm it and wake it up from that state of drowsiness in which it is about to enter.

Try to give very appetizing food with a high percentage of fat and protein, since at those times it is necessary to gradually warm up. You should also make him drink, to hydrate it mix water with a little sugar and give him to drink with a syringe. This whole process can take more than 1 hour and if you do not do it well, you may prefer to hibernate. If you try an environment where it feels warm and protected, your hamster will take the cold much better.


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