How to know if my hamster has mites

Do you want to know if your hamster has mites ? The answer is affirmative. Like other pets, your rodent can be a victim of mites. A problem that can cause a lot of discomfort to your pet. They may have contracted them from other animals or infected each other. They can even contract them through an infected burrow. Even if your little friend has been infected, do not worry because it has a solution. In .com we tell you how to know if your hamster has mites .

Steps to follow:


Your hamster can be a victim of mites because they are parasites that you can easily find on your pet's skin and can end up anywhere in your home. Many times, it is possible that mites invade your hamster if you have a low immune system, some disease that weakens or lack of vitamin A and E, among other reasons.

At first it may be a simple allergy to mites but you should take precautions as soon as possible and treat your pet because this plague could invade your little friend, invading his body covering it with scales and scratching injuries.


To know if your hamster has mites you should be aware of the various symptoms. In general, you may have loss of fur, dandruff, white scabs in your cage and constant scratching of the fur, especially on the back. From so much scratching, your hamster can get injured in a compulsive way.

You will also notice that it has more oily hair due to frequent licking. These symptoms can be followed by loss of appetite, apathetic character, sleep more hours than usual, little interest in playing and in general an abnormal behavior can be the result of the presence of parasites.


If the mites are detected in time, it is very possible that with a cortisone treatment is more than enough, or if your pet is very small, the veterinarian may choose to put a few drops of ivermectin on the nape of the neck.

But if you do not notice the symptoms and the mites get worse, it can lead to scabies . In this case, the treatment will be more expensive in time and will depend a lot on the pet. If you can not increase your hamster's defenses, it is very difficult for your pet to fight the mites. If your pet has scabies, you must be patient because the treatment is harder and involves injections of ivermectin in small doses, which may not respond well because they are very small animals.


There are also very modern pipettes that are a good alternative to injected ivermectin and that are put on the neck of your pet; Their main advantage is that they are very effective and much less aggressive. Depending on the immune system of your hamster may suffer some relapse, so it is advisable that you are aware of their health status. If you notice any signal, get treatment again as soon as possible.

In any case, it will be the veterinarian who assesses the health status of your pet. The professional will indicate the most appropriate treatment for your hamster and the number of visits that are necessary to control the mites.


And as always, do not forget that prevention is the best solution for your pet does not end up invaded by mites. You should always have clean your hamster's cage, its accessories, and the area where you sleep. If you have a hygienic and disinfected environment, your pet will be protected.