How to remove a tag on Instagram

Oh, the labels! It seems that no matter how much you try to escape from them, your friends are always willing to create a tag with your name in your worst picture . Since a few months, Instagram offers the possibility for all users of the social network to see the images in which you appear.

If you have many followers and want to remove a tag, in .com we explain it step by step.

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You will need to:
  • Instagram
  • An electronic device with Internet access.
Steps to follow:


Open the Instagram application and go to your profile.


Go to the upper area to the right of the profile and click on the last icon in the menu to access your tagged images .


Once the photograph you want to remove from your tags is open, click on the three points that appear under it and press 'Options'.


Choose 'Hide profile' and press 'OK'. No one who accesses your profile will be able to see the photograph now.


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