How to know if my cat has asthma

We all want the welfare of our cat, so it is normal that we feel worried when we see that something is not right with their health. If you have noticed that your animal has difficulty breathing, it is possible that it is facing a picture of asthma, a disease that appears very similar to that of humans but that can be reversible with the appropriate treatment. Do you want to know more about this topic? In .com we give you some signals so you can find out how to know if your cat has asthma .

Steps to follow:


Asthma is a disease that consists of inflammation of the lower respiratory tract, usually of the bronchi, causing breathing difficulties. In the case of cats this condition can be reversible depending on its origin and the state of the animal.

Asthma in cats is a disease that requires medical attention, because if it goes too far the cat's breathing could be compromised, putting the life of your cat at risk.


There are several causes that can trigger feline asthma, including:

  • Environmental factors such as smoke, pollution, some types of air fresheners or cleaning products.
  • Respiratory allergies
  • Some type of bacterial, fungal or viral infection that affects the lungs.
  • Some type of parasite that triggers respiratory problems.


The main symptoms of asthma in cats are:

  • Difficulty breathing, the cat looks visibly agitated when breathing.
  • Whistles when breathing.
  • Cough.

These symptoms can occur chronically and regularly or during periods. In some cases asthma in cats breaks out in times like spring, due to environmental changes. If it is about environmental factors, the presence or absence of them can cause asthma symptoms to appear and disappear. If the condition is caused by an infection, then the symptoms will be constant.


If you notice that your cat has difficulty breathing it is important that you take it to a veterinarian, because if the asthma is complicated and the animal can not breathe properly, your cat's life could be in danger.