How to download Facebook for Windows Phone

You thought it was not going to happen to you (not you), but suddenly, you do not know how, you've developed a little addiction to Facebook. It does not come to you to see it alone on the computer, you need to consult it more often. Do you have a Windows Phone and still do not have the app installed? Do not worry, in .com we show you step by step how to download Facebook for Windows Phone.

Steps to follow:


In the list of applications on the smartphone, click on Store (its icon is a bag with the Windows symbol).


When it is opened, use the search engine to find the app . To do this, you only have to click on the magnifying glass symbol that appears at the bottom of the screen and type "Facebook" (without quotes).


A list of results will open. The Facebook app is the first one that appears (make sure you see that, under the name, Microsoft Corporation and that it is free). Click on it


The Facebook app tab will open. To download and install it, you only have to click on the button on the bottom where you install.


Before continuing, the smartphone will ask if you want to allow the app's access to your location . Click on "Allow" if you want the application to use all its features.


The app will be downloaded. You only have to access your access data on Facebook when you access it and that's it.