How to know if my cat is sick

If there is something that worries us when we have a pet, it is noticeable apathetic and not very active, something that immediately sends us an alarm signal. And even when cats are less active than dogs, we can determine when they are not well if we look closely at their attitude. If you are passionate about cats and you care about their health, in .com we give you some clues so you can find out how to know if your cat is sick .

Steps to follow:


When we have pets it is not only important to feed them and take care of their hygiene, it is also useful to observe them day by day, this way it is easier to determine if your cat is in good health or if he is sick. It is not about being all over your feline, but paying attention to their behavior and behavior.


If you notice that in recent days your cat has not eaten regularly and is apathetic to food, it is very possible that the animal is sick. Sometimes a stomach upset, fever or any other condition can cause the cat to suddenly stop eating as it usually does.


If you suspect that your cat has an upset stomach it is important to check your sandbox. Protecting your hands with gloves, check if the animal has diarrhea or stools less consistent than normal, if so it is necessary to take it to the veterinarian to ensure you are in good health.


If your cat vomits once, maybe something has just fallen out, remember that they are curious animals that are not afraid to explore. But if you repeat it more times, take it immediately to the vet to rule out indigestion or poisoning.


Excessive water intake is also a sign that your cat may be sick. Also, if you notice that your nose is wetter than usual, it is also a sign that something is not right.


When the animal is more sleepy than usual, it looks apathetic and when walking it is difficult to maintain balance it is possible that it is sick, so it is best to give medical attention.


If you suspect that something is not right with your cat, it is important to stay near the sandbox, not only to see how the evacuations are, but also if your cat is urinating normally or has some difficulty, the latter is a clear sign that You may have a health problem.


Watery, strange looking eyes, irritability and aggression, or some obvious physical characteristic such as swelling in some part of the body or dull fur, are also signs that your cat may be sick.


If any of these symptoms do not hesitate to immediately consult your veterinarian or take your animal directly to a specialized center, this way the professionals will be able to assist you and help you improve soon.