How to disable Facebook's location on Android

Do not you care that when using Facebook chat the contact you speak with knows where you are? It is very clear that social networks have seriously compromised our privacy, however for now there are alternatives to solve these details and keep it a bit more without sacrificing its use. If you are looking for how to disable the location of Facebook on Android, keep reading, because in .com we explain it in detail.

Steps to follow:


Although Facebook offers the possibility of keeping our location open when we use your chat through our mobile, the truth is that it is an unhelpful and somewhat invasive alternative, because it shows any contact the city and even the area where you you find when you have the conversation.

If you do not want to take a risk and completely avoid that your location is detected when using this service, then follow the instructions that we explain below.


To disable the location of Facebook on Android you must enter your account using your mobile, once inside press the menu icon, that is, the 3 stripes that are in the upper right corner.


Once there you must go down to the Configuration section and then press the option of Configuring the applications to access the different alternatives of apps linked to Facebook.


Go to messages and there you must uncheck the option that says Messenger Location Services . In this same place, and if you prefer, you can also unmark the Facebook chat in this way you will not have this location available on your mobile, something that many people prefer.


It is also possible to uninstall Facebook Messenger completely, but keep in mind that doing so will not be possible to send private messages from your mobile to another Facebook user. With this measure the social network wants to force everyone to have the Messenger app on their phones. If you consider it completely useless, then follow the instructions we give you in our article how to uninstall Facebook Messenger to get it.