How to know if my cat is in heat

In the case of felines, zeal functions differently than in dogs, regulated by various factors related to their environment . If you have decided not to sterilize your animal but you do not want her to become pregnant, it is very important to know if your cat is in heat and what are her main reactions. In .com we explain it to you in detail.

Steps to follow:


Cats mature sexually quickly, depending on the breed, climate and period of the year in which they were born, can present their first heat between 5 and 10 months of age. Some take up to a year, although it is not usually the most common.


Each cat is able to go into heat in a different way, because in the case of cats for this to happen there are several factors that must be presented. To start the cat must be well nourished, if you have a lower weight than corresponds to your age will probably take longer to have your first heat.


The hours of light are a determining factor in the appearance of heat, how much more light is more feasible for the cat to enter heat. Similarly if at home or in the vicinity there is a male cat, the cat will go into heat for the first time faster and then it will do so more continuously.


Another detail to take into account is the race of your cat, those with short hair reach the zeal faster than those with long hair.


Ideally the time in which the cats come into heat is spring, thanks to the arrival of light and longer days. In this station you can experience jealousy every two or three weeks, but it is good to take into account that domestic cats tend to be more jealous than those who live outdoors, because we alter the temperature and light of the home, which affects its cycle.


The cats, unlike the bitches, do not present any type of bleeding when they are ready to reproduce, which makes it difficult for the owners to identify if the animal is in heat. For this you should pay attention to your attitude, in principle the cat will meow much more than usual, insistently and frequently.


The cat will start rubbing and scrubbing furniture and people and we will notice that her attitude is much more affectionate than normal. Sometimes when caressing it it becomes rigid and assumes a position in which it sinks its back a little and lifts the tail area, moving its tail to the side.

It is very likely that if there is a male in the vicinity, she tries to escape to copulate, so it is important to pay close attention to your cat during the heat.


If after the period of fertility, known as estrus, the cat is not mounted, it will return to its resting period until the next heat.

When the cats are in heat and live in open spaces it is very difficult to prevent a male from riding it, since she constantly sends signals to the cats that she is in heat, so if you do not want your cat to get pregnant it is very important sterilize it, in this way you avoid that your animal suffers from mammary cysts, psychological pregnancies and different health problems.


If you have any doubt regarding the behavior of your cat, consult your veterinarian.