How to know if my cat has aborted

One of the most delicate and complicated moments of your cat's life may be the time of her pregnancy, which many people worry about because spontaneous abortions are more common than you would normally imagine and, although you do not have to obsess too much, it is important to observe signs that something can go wrong to be able to go to the veterinarian. Sometimes a kitten may not give birth to a litter because it loses the fetus long before the pregnancy is completed or binen, they may be dead when the date of birth arrives. This can physically and emotionally affect your cat, so it is very important to know the key signs and know what to do in this situation.

For this reason, since we want to help you recognize the symptoms of abortion in cats and, for this, we have prepared this article in which we hope to answer your question about " how to know if my cat has aborted? ".

Causes of abortion in cats

When your cat is pregnant there are possible risks, as with any other mammalian animal, which can cause complications and even produce an abortion, losing the litter before the date of gestation or that it arrives and are born dead. Next, we will explain the main causes of abortion in cats :

  • Parasites and bacterial infections: it is a frequent cause, especially in street cats, that suffer an abortion due to the presence of these unwanted worms. This has an effect on the fetuses and on the placenta, as well as on the mother. If it is not detected in time it could seriously damage your kitten. A very common bacterial infection in cats is toxoplasmosis. To avoid this problem it is essential to deworm your cat every three months. If you go to a veterinarian it will be him who gives you the deworming guidelines.
  • Chromosomal deformities: this is one of the most frequent causes and they are alterations that occur at the moment of cell division, shortly after fertilization.
  • Poor feeding: if your kitten is very skinny or has an excessive weight could also abort, because if they do not have a proper diet for them, they will not possess the nutrients, minerals and vitamins necessary to maintain the fetus during pregnancy.
  • An induction of ovulation: some cats are subjected to an induced ovulation, this is not recommended because most abort since their conditions are not optimal for the embryo to develop correctly
  • Non-infectious causes of abortion in cats: as genetic errors, wrong implantations, previous treatments as some medicine, etc. The veterinarian you go to will be in charge of examining your pet and determine the definitive cause.

Symptoms of abortion in a cat

There are many who worry when your kitten is pregnant, and it is not necessary to be chasing your cat everywhere to see if everything goes well, since most times there is no obvious symptom and an abortion occurs, but that several warning signs are noticed. The most usual thing is that it happens about 4 weeks of gestation and it can happen on some occasions that on the day of delivery some kittens are born dead and others go on without any problem. Next, we show you how to detect the symptoms of your cat having an abortion .

  • Weakness.
  • Apathy.
  • Disinterest in the nest in case of reaching the final stage of pregnancy.
  • Isolation.
  • Worsening of the general condition.
  • Changes in vaginal discharge: bleeding, mucus, and black or dark green fluid.
  • Fever.
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite
  • If the pregnancy was advanced, to abort the cat will expel the deceased puppies and not only dark liquid and / or blood.

Of course, confirmation that an abortion has occurred can only be given by the veterinarian.

Now that you know the answer to your question about how to know if my cat has aborted, you may also be interested in knowing why my pregnant cat bleeds if you have already observed this symptom in her.

What to do if my cat has aborted

If you have definitely already known that your cat has aborted, it is essential to go to a veterinarian so that no greater disease occurs. If the babies have not been born, surgery will be performed to remove the unborn dead, and if they have been born but without life, the general state of the kitten will have to be examined, since it can affect both physically and psychologically.

The veterinarian after examining your cat will prescribe antibiotics if it is convenient to prevent the development of an infection. If your cat feels pain it will also give anti-inflammatories and / or analgesics. Follow all the instructions described by the veterinarian on how to administer the medication in case you need it and how to care for your pet so that it recovers from the abortion as well as possible .

When to take a cat to the veterinarian

It is always recommended to go to the veterinarian from the beginning to take full control of the pregnancy and ensure that everything is fine. It is important to note the date of the day that the copulation occurred, if you have not seen it, do not worry, there will always be signs that your cat is pregnant and the date can be calculated from them.

At 20-28 days you can make the diagnosis of pregnancy by ultrasound, as well as perform a blood test to make sure everything is fine. After 45 days you can do an X-ray or another ultrasound to find out how many puppies you will give birth if everything goes in perfect conditions. In this period, it is very important to administer fluids. If for some reason you do not want to take your cat to the veterinarian, either because it is unpleasant and difficult to take it or for economic reasons, you can avoid this follow-up, but if you notice any alarming symptom that something could harm the pregnancy of your cat and your health You should go to a veterinarian quickly if you want to prevent abortion from happening.

Besides, if you suspect that your cat has had an abortion, you should take it to the veterinarian as soon as possible, as we have mentioned in the previous sections. Of course, you also have to take it regularly for regular check-ups, as well as for deworming and vaccination.