How to create a Pinterest widget on my website or blog

If we dedicate time to pine in our Pinterest boards we will like to be able to show the results in our web or in our blog . Besides being very attractive and very attractive, it is a very simple task, which does not require that we have any kind of programming knowledge. Only, we must have a little order and choose where on the web or blog we want to show our profile of the social network. In .com, we answer the question of how to create a Pinterest widget on my website or blog.

Steps to follow:


We go to this Pinterest website where we can choose what kind of widget we want:

  • Pint it.
  • Follow me
  • Pin widget.
  • Profile widget
  • Board widget.


Depending on the type of Pinterest widget that we select, we will have more or less customization options, which will appear towards the bottom of the page.


The final step common to all options is ' Build it '. When clicking on this button, two codes will be created, which will be different according to the characteristics that we have chosen.

In addition to the code, a preview of how the widget will appear will appear on the same web page. If we do not like it, we can go back and create another one.


When we have the final codes, we will have to copy them and paste them into our website or blog.

  • The first of the codes is that which allows the second to work, since it downloads the Javascript. We have to paste it between the tags and the html of our website or blog .
  • The second code is the one that allows the widget to be displayed and we must paste it in the part of our website or blog where we want it to appear.