How to know if my rabbit has a fever

Fever is a defensive mechanism that many animals have, including rabbits, which helps them fight infections. The objective is to increase body temperature to hinder the multiplication of microorganisms and to stop as much as possible the progression of the disease. As can be deduced from the above, there are many processes capable of causing fever, and this is usually the first warning that the rabbit is suffering from a disease, so it is very important to detect it in time. In .com we explain how to know if a rabbit has a fever .

Body temperature

Although there are some physical and behavioral data that we will study later that can guide us, the only way to know with complete certainty if a rabbit has a fever is to measure body temperature. The measurement that is used is that of the rectal temperature, which is obtained by introducing the thermometer through the anus of the animal. The normal rectal temperature in a rabbit is between 38.5 and 40 ° C, with which temperatures above 40 ° C are indicative of fever.

Other indicators

Although the most effective and objective way to know if a rabbit has a fever is to measure the temperature, there are some changes that appear more or less constantly in cases of fever.

These changes include variations in behavior such as apathy and lack of appetite, and occasionally you can also find your nose hot and dry.

I insist, if you have doubts about whether you have a fever or not, you should measure the body temperature.