How to know if my rabbit is male or female

In rabbits, as in other companion animals such as cats or turtles, it is difficult to distinguish males from females especially when they are rabbits. It is quite important, if you have a couple of rabbits, to know their sex, since they are animals with a great capacity for reproduction and, if you do not control them, you could have a very large offspring in a relatively short time.

The most effective way to know this is by evaluating the ano-genital distance (the distance between the anus and the genitals), which, as we will see below, is lower in females than in males. In .com we describe how to know if a rabbit is male or female with this method.

Steps to follow:


The first step to know if your rabbit is male or female is to place it upside down so you can comfortably inspect the area of ​​the genitals . Do it very carefully because they are very scary animals and prone to stress.


Once you are on your stomach, you should try to recognize the opening of the anus and the opening of the genitals. In the females, in the most rear part (almost in the tail) we can see an orifice (the anus) and, followed by it, more towards the belly but almost without separation, an oval hole, which corresponds to the vulva. The image that we enclose symbolizes a female rabbit.


In males you can also see the anus, approximately in the same location as in the females, but, unlike what happens in rabbits, the next opening (which is where the penis is externalized) is further from the anus, there is an evident separation. In addition, the hole is more circular than in the case of females, which is usually rather oval. The scheme tries to represent a male rabbit.

Another option, not recommended at all for people without experience in handling these animals, is to externalize the penis. This is achieved by applying a gentle pressure on the edges of the hole of the same to remove it to the outside.


If in spite of the above you still have doubts, we recommend that you take the rabbit to a veterinarian, possibly a specialist in exotic animals, to tell you with certainty if it is male or female.


It is important that you have some basic notions about the care that a domestic rabbit needs, thus, you will make the life of your pet healthy. First, it is important that you contact a veterinarian to take your pet's medical record. After, the essential care that a rabbit needs is:

  • Have at your disposal objects that you can gnaw to go by grinding your teeth : pieces of wood, special toys for rabbits, and so on.
  • You should brush your hair frequently to avoid hairballs forming in your stomach.
  • You should never bathe him because they could get stressed and suffer some kind of illness.
  • It is important that you exercise : take it out of the cage for a while during the day for your rabbit to exercise.
  • Feed your pet with the essential ingredients in a rabbit's diet: hay, vegetables and feed;

In detail we give you more information so you know how to care for a domestic rabbit.