How to create a movie with my Facebook Timeline

With the aim of eliminating all the fears of users around Facebook Timeline, the social network, in collaboration with Definition 6, has decided to launch a way to create a clip through our Timeline. It can be achieved in a few simple clicks and, In addition, it allows us to highlight the publications and messages that we consider most important so that they appear in greater size. The final result is really impressive. If you want to know how to create a movie with your social network ... Keep reading!

You will need to:
  • A computer with Internet access.
  • A Facebook account with enough photos.
Steps to follow:


Visit the website // on your computer and select the 'Make Your Movie' button.


A new pop-up window will appear asking if you want to log in with Facebook and explaining, briefly, what Timeline Movie Maker is about . Click on 'Log in with Facebook' and then 'Allow'.


The project will start to be created; until the process finishes may take a few minutes. Remember that, to make it work, and get a sufficiently eye-catching movie, you must have shared on Facebook about 75 images.


Enjoy the movie of your life ! Remember that once you have finished watching it, you can select which soundtrack you want to add, edit the photographs, resize them, delete them and, of course, share this whole project with your Facebook friends .

  • The movie, for now, can not be downloaded to the computer once it is finished.
  • You must have uploads to Facebook, at least 75 photographs.