How to know if my guinea pig is male or female

If you share your life with guinea pigs it is very important that you know how to differentiate sex to avoid unwanted pregnancies or simply control the breeding. At a first glance, both the female and the male are very similar, differences in appearance, shape or coat are not easily appreciated and their genitals are very discreet. Therefore, in the following article we are going to give you the keys that can help you to know if your guinea pig is male or female, take note!

Steps to follow:


Knowing the sex of your guinea pig is important to plan pregnancies if it is what you really want or simply to prevent them from occurring and not bring them together by sex. If you check the sex of your pet and you think it is female, do not hesitate to check it again and even consult a professional in exotic animals. Sex can be found at any stage of the life cycle, but when they are babies it is best to be sure in a couple of weeks. If the guinea pig is male, you will have to separate it from the mother in 3 weeks or at most in 1 month once they are strong and developed. After this time, they should never be with their mother or with other females.

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Both the female and the male guinea pigs have 2 breasts. In males they are smaller, but it is not a good way to determine sex. If you run your fingers through the upper area of ​​the genitals, if you squeeze a little sometimes you can notice the penis. If the animal is nervous it may contract it and not come out but with patience and without haste, repeat the operation to make sure that there is male genitalia.


If your pet is very young, the testes may not have gone down and if your guinea pig is adult, sometimes it is camouflaged under layers of skin and the penis may be hidden. Be that as it may, do not stop insisting to find out your sex. Take your guinea pig at the top and leave his body hanging to observe that area of ​​his body, and then squeeze the lower area of ​​the belly. It is one of the most accurate ways to know the sex of your guinea pig.


Of normal, the females have the genital area much less bulky than the males. If you press on the top repeatedly and the penis does not appear, the most logical thing is that it is a female. After finding out almost certainly that is male or female, do not hesitate to repeat the process to confirm their sex.


Take your guinea pig from the upper area and let his body hang and be visible. The genitals of the female have a Y shape, and those of the male look like the letter I. An important fact is that the females have heat every 15 or 17 days and with a duration of 1 or 2 days. During the heat they can be uncouth, more affectionate, emit a purr, move the back of their body, chase other guinea pigs, and even try to ride other guinea pigs even if they are females.