How to reduce the stress of my cat

Stress is a very common condition in domestic cats, especially if they have undergone any relevant change, such as a move or the arrival of another cat. On many occasions, we make the mistake of confusing this condition with bad behavior, since the symptoms and the way our feline has to ask us for help are typical of an untrained pet. If your cat suffers from stress and you do not know what to do, keep reading this article and discover how to reduce your cat's stress .

Steps to follow:


The most advisable thing is to take the cat to the vet so that it is he who tells you the steps you must follow to combat the stress of your cat. However, you can combine medical treatment with some home practices. For this, it is essential to identify the cause that causes this condition in your cat. Once found, the ideal is to eliminate it. However, in some cases, such as a change of home, it is impossible.


If the cause of stress is external, such as the arrival of guests, we must inhabit a remote and isolated space for our cat . The felines need to have their own space to feel safe and protected, that is why when they come to our house people from outside can feel attacked and intimidated, producing a stressful situation.


If the reason for the stress is the arrival of another cat or dog, the best solution is for each animal to have its own space, as well as its bed, feeder and litter box. By sharing the belongings, the competitiveness between them increases, generating a stressful situation for the feline that came home first. Toys and scratchers are also recommended to be individual. We encourage you to visit our article on how to make my cat accept another cat.


Some cats suffer stress because they feel alone, this happens, above all, in those cats that spend most of the day without any kind of company. In these cases, it is advisable to try to spend more time with the animal, adopt another cat or take it to a feline nursery. In any case, it is always advisable that you consult the veterinarian first.


If you are carrying out renovations in your house, the solution is the same one that we offer you in the second step, to provide your cat with an isolated space for the works . In this way, you move the feline away from the stress situation and can begin to relax. Once the reforms are completed, you may mark the new objects with urine to establish your territory.


As is logical, the best solution for cat stress is prevention . Remember that cats are animals that love tranquility, harmony, routine and stability, so you must provide a home that has all these characteristics. Also, their nature leads them to feel like hunters and prey at the same time, a fact that forces them to have everything completely controlled. Despite its status as an independent animal, it requires care and, above all, attention to be happy and not to suffer a state of stress.