How to get rid of my cat's hiccups

There is nothing like the love of a pet. That is why we are always so aware that our pets do not have anything bad and that they live almost like kings, so it is natural that in the face of any small anomaly we can be frightened.

From .com we are going to focus on cats and those moments when our little one develops a case of hiccups . This situation can be annoying and distressing for the feline as it is for ourselves when it happens to us, so below we give you keys so you can discover how to get rid of my cat easily.

Steps to follow:


The hiccup is an inspiratory sound that occurs due to the abrupt, intermittent and involuntary contraction of the diaphragm, this contraction causes the epiglottis to close producing the known sound of hiccups. It usually starts for no apparent reason and disappears after a few minutes. It affects people of all ages, including even fetuses.


Cats, like humans, can hiccup, eat or drink very fast are some of the causes. As you can see, it is the same thing that happens to us, so it will rarely be a more serious problem. Here we bring you some keys and small tricks to solve it:


Most cats only need a little time to pass the hiccups so it is best not to intervene and that is your body, through a natural process, which ends with the discomfort.

Placement of food and drink plates

One of the main reasons why a cat can develop hiccups is because of the rapid intake of fluids and food. To avoid this happening, one solution is to put your bowls somewhat elevated, so our little one will have to make a little more effort to get the food and this will slow down the process, minimizing the chances of hiccups.


Another reason why your cat may have hiccups is because of the balls of hair he eats . As we have said, on rare occasions it will be a greater evil for the cat to have hiccups, however we can minimize the possibility of developing these balls, thus guaranteeing their well-being.

In our article how to know if my cat has hairballs and how to make my cat expel hairballs, we give you the keys to quickly solve this problem.


It is true that we have to emphasize that, sometimes, hiccups can be a symptom of an allergic reaction . The best thing about the doubt if it can be an allergy or not, is to take it to the vet.

It is also advisable to take it to the specialist if we are not clear that this noise that sounds similar to the hiccup is, since sometimes it may be that something is stuck in your throat or that you are a little sick. In the face of continued hiccups or pain samples from our friend, it will also be better to go to the doctor.