How to protect my cat at home

It is no secret to anyone that cats are the most curious animals that exist. Awake and intelligent, they are always hanging around the house with an enormous facility to get into the narrowest corners in search of what catches their attention, so it is very important to take several security to keep them safe in our home. In .com we give you some tips so you can discover how to protect your cat at home .

Steps to follow:


Never leave electrical cables in the reach of the cat, since they are usually perfect for nibbling or playing with them, which can cause a serious accident putting the life of your pet at risk. It is best to always attach them to the wall or keep them hidden and out of reach.


Beware of packaging, bags and small plastic products that, in the middle of a game, could suffocate the animal. It is good never to leave things lying on the floor because we know that the cat, as a good curious, will always go to find out what it is, often running danger without knowing it.


As you would do with a small child, never leave open cabinets, especially when they contain dangerous things for the animal such as appliances, cleaning products, chemicals, etc. Always take care to close your cabinets and cabinets very well.


It is true that cats can entertain themselves by playing with anything, but not everything is a safe toy for them, so before giving them a product of daily use to have fun, it is best to go to an animal shop and buy toys Special for felines, non-toxic and safer.


Never allow your cat to nibble on the plants in your garden or balcony, as many of them can be toxic to the animal, putting their lives at risk. It is best to keep him away from these spaces and teach him as a child that he should not eat the plants.


If you have small children, increase the precautions, especially in the small objects with which the cat could suffocate, as the accessories of children's toys. Always watch that toys are not on the floor that could put your animal at risk. Also teach your children to care for and ensure the safety of the cat.