How to prevent fleas and ticks

One of the most worrying situations for pet owners is the appearance of fleas and ticks, which not only become a health problem for the animal but can also affect the health of everyone in the home. In .com we give you some important keys to take into account so that you discover how to prevent fleas and ticks and keep your dog or cat healthy and happy.

Steps to follow:


Although throughout the year the animals are exposed to contagious parasites, the arrival of summer is a key moment to increase care and prevention, because in the heat fleas and ticks proliferate


Fleas and ticks although common represent a major health problem for your pet, because beyond causing discomfort can transmit more serious diseases, so prevention and care is important


A good way to prevent and control the appearance of fleas and ticks is to check the coat of your pet constantly. You can do this by brushing your hair several times a week, so you will prevent it from falling, improve its appearance and make sure it is free of parasites.


A flea collar is always a good option, but before placing it on the animal make sure it is the right one for your age, breed and weight. It is best to consult a veterinarian before making this decision


Always choose a shampoo that also serves to combat parasites, this is a good preventive strategy to keep your dog or cat free of fleas and ticks


If your pet sleeps in the garden it is important, especially during the warmer months of the year, that you keep your "house" also disinfected. Ask a specialized store for the products indicated for this task, because keeping the animal's environment clean is essential to avoid contagion


If your pet spends most of the day in a garden or large area clearly need more attention from you because it will be more prone to the appearance of fleas and ticks, in this aspect it is very important to review it at least once a week for make sure it is free of parasites


And if you have detected that your dog or cat has fleas, discover how to eliminate them quickly

  • Remember that the health of your pet is important, so do not hesitate to give all the care and attention you need