How to prevent diseases transmitted by pets

Pets become our best friends, but if they do not receive the necessary care they can also be a source of diseases, which put at risk the health of everyone they share with these animals. Prevent diseases transmitted by pets is very simple, only requires some measures to take, in .com we explain what they are.

Steps to follow:


Rabies is one of the most common diseases that can be transmitted by pets such as dogs and cats. This can put at risk the health of humans and animals, so it is advisable to always vaccinate our animals against this disease.

If you adopt an animal and you do not know if it has its vaccines, take it to a vet check to vaccinate it against what you consider necessary.


While your dog or cat are puppies, it is important to deworm them frequently, in this way you avoid the risk of contracting parasitic diseases that can be transmitted, through their fluids or excrement, to any member of your family.


When your dog or cat reaches adulthood visit your veterinarian once a year to deworm the animal. Control at this stage is also important.


If you have small children at home, it is very important that you teach them and reinforce the importance of washing their hands frequently, especially before eating. The contact of infected excrements of parasites with the soil in which the child plays, can cause diseases to be transmitted to the child or any other member of the family.


Attention with the contact we have with our animals. We may adore them and have no problem in showing them our love, but letting the animal pass its tongue through our mouth or nose, or kissing its snout, is not a good idea, because we run the risk of receiving any disease that the animal can to have.


It is important to handle carefully the excrements of our pets to avoid the spread of diseases. Always use gloves and be cautious when cleaning your bird cage, the cat litter box or the place where any of your pets rest.


After handling your pet's waste and cleaning its resting place, wash your hands very well, including the area under the nails.


Finally it is important to check, at least twice a month, if our pet has fleas or ticks, because these parasites are carriers of many diseases that put our health at risk.