How to train a shar pei

The shar pei is a spectacular breed of dog known by the nickname of "towel dog", is of Chinese origin and shares certain features of the chow chow and the Tibetan mastiff. He has a very sweet character, they are affectionate, calm, stubborn and independent. Although it seems an explosive combination, with some simple tips you will see how your furry friend becomes one of the best companies you can have at home. For your relationship to be excellent, we invite you to read this article from .com in which we explain how to train a shar pei in detail.

Steps to follow:


The shar pei, as we have anticipated, is an affectionate dog breed, quiet, somewhat stubborn and to some extent, independent. They are very loyal, vigilant, faithful and intelligent. Although patience and perseverance are basic to educate a dog, it is very important that you know the personality of your dog to achieve results with learning. If you have clear the positive and negative points of the character of your shar pei, the process of education and training will be much more profitable.


To start training your shar pei, you should always reward your good behavior. Each time you perform a task well, you must provide some reward. As with most domestic pets, positive reinforcement is the key to learning. And this race of great intelligence and cunning, it works much better with the prizes after a job well done. For example, if your dog urinates inside the house, it is best to say "no" aloud and take it out immediately to the street. With the passage of time, you will learn and every time you approach the street door, you will be telling you that you want to leave. Once you do, give him something you want and then take him out to urinate.


To teach your shar pei, you must give directions with simple commands and in as short a time as possible. If there is something that characterizes this race, it is its little capacity for attention. If you want to teach something, do it short but often. If you demand too much, your stubborn character may come up and you may not be prone to learning. So remember that your pet will assimilate more knowledge with short and very repetitive tasks.

You should also try to socialize from an early age. Although it is a somewhat solitary and independent breed, it is convenient that you accustom it to learn to interact with other pets. Take your dog for a walk and try to share experiences with other dogs, but always with caution, with the strap on and always being aware of the interactions.


When your shar pei is a puppy, it is very important that you take it outdoors every hour, especially after having eaten or drunk, because they have a very immature bladder and can not stand for a long time. Each time your dog does his business, remember to give him a prize. That way, you will be teaching him how to control his sphincters and, thus, he will always be out of the house as a rule.

You should also buy toys to bite and entertain. Although it is not a dog that has much need for activity, distractions are good to avoid separation anxiety. So every time you see that you want to bite some object, you must teach the toy that can chew safely as a substitute.


Finally, it is highly recommended to train your shar pei to put music or TV if you will be alone at home for a long time. It is a dog breed very intuitive and if you do not notice any noise at home, you may be nervous recognizing your absence.