How to prepare the aquarium of a Goldfish

Some people think that a fish is an unhelpful pet, and although we clearly can not interact with them as we would with a cat or dog, they are also great companions, ideal for those who wish to have a new hobby, develop responsibility and relax by spending many minutes in front of them just watching the time go by. And without a doubt, of all the fish the Goldfish is one of the most popular, and when choosing their habitat they also have special needs, so in .com we give you some keys so that you know how to prepare the aquarium of a Goldfish

Steps to follow:


Before any recommendation is important to know that having an aquarium requires time and care if you want your fish to grow healthy and live fully


The Goldfish is a fairly long-lived fish, can live between six and eight years and grow between 10 and 15 centimeters. An adult will require at least 38 liters of water, so if you really think about having it as a pet you will need a medium aquarium, of at least 100 liters, if you want several Goldfish the size should be higher


The aquarium must be aerated by a bubble diffuser and have a filter in good condition as the goldfish adore stirring the stones of the bottom raising sediments, it must be able to filter three or four times the volume of the aquarium in an hour and is important to have it on all the time to avoid diseases


It is important to decorate the aquarium with plants, but you should know that the Goldfish is a very gluttonous fish so the vegetation will not last long, thus the more acidic plants are recommended, so they can be preserved intact for a longer time


It is important that the aquarium has a thermometer to monitor the temperature of the water, which should be maintained between 15 and 22 degrees


The Goldfish requires a dim lighting, avoiding the excesses of artificial or natural light, with 10 or 12 hours of light a day is enough, if you choose the artificial option it will be enough with 0.5 watts for each liter of water


It is not necessary to change the water in the aquarium or aquarium completely, once a week it will be enough to replace 20% of it, as long as the filter works optimally


It is very important not to feed the Goldfish more, not only because they are very gluttonous but because in this way you will prevent the aquarium from getting too dirty . In the same way it is necessary to respect their capacity and not put more fish than they fit, so you will avoid diseases


Remember that these fish require special care, if you assume the responsibility of acquiring them, give them a good life in the habitat they deserve . At the time of assembling your aquarium consult all your doubts with a specialist of the pet shop who can clarify the panorama