How to walk my dog

One of the most important points for our dog to be a healthy and happy dog is to take him for a walk. Having a large garden is comfortable for those who have dogs, but it would be a mistake to think that it is enough for him. Our dog needs to be able to go for a walk, to the outside, with us. Otherwise, having our dog at home would be like having him caged and forgetting an important part of his development, like the natural impulses of marking territory, looking for and recognizing odors, having a relationship with other dogs, investigating and burning all his energy of the day to rest better. That's why from .com we explain how to walk my dog.

Thing two

First think that going for a walk with your dog does not have to be a nightmare. It must be something relaxed and to create a bond between the two. Sometimes the dogs cause great anxiety which can lead to belt pulls, but it is not the fault of our dog, only we are responsible for teaching them to walk. You go for a walk both, and to be nice you must have patience and empathy with your dog. It is important to remember that any dog ​​that lives locked up has worse character and tends to be more destructive than dogs that have a good walking routine with their owners.

Tips to master the ride

  • For your dog to know that you are the one who "commands", you must understand that you are its owner and not its inferior, therefore, when you leave home, be the first to leave through the door and the first to enter the back. As the position matters, during the walk try to walk slightly ahead of him.
  • Use a short strap so you can be closer to your dog, but not a tight strap.
  • Take time for the ride . Do not want to end soon. Your dog needs time to walk and to feel good. Ideally, between half an hour and an hour a day.
  • Remember that three times a day is the right thing to do, try to make it tomorrow, afternoon and night. Try that in winter are not the coolest hours and in summer avoid the hottest hours.
  • Once you have walked and your behavior has been appropriate, leave time to explore the environment . For him, allowing him to do his needs and sniff is a reward. You must decide when this time is over, you should keep in mind that it should always be less than the one dedicated to walking.
  • Always carry a small bag to collect your dog's excrement and deposit it in the trash.
  • When you get home, make your dog wait while you keep the leash and take off your shoes or jacket, so we will avoid that you can get nervous.
  • When you get home, give him food and water, so he will feel that it is his reward to get home and know how to wait for his time.

Important aspects

  • Before leaving home, remember to avoid leaving when your dog feels very anxious, try to calm him down and when he is calmer, then leave.
  • Do not focus solely on taking him out for walks in his walks strictly. Get where you go whenever possible, this will help you learn more about the world and socialize better with other dogs and other people.
  • If he pulls you during the walk, return the pull to you firmly (never aggressive) and when he is near you, say a resounding no. When the calm has returned, go back to walk and congratulate him when he walks quietly and beside you.


What has been said up to now is generalized, but you should take into account the size and needs of your dog, in case of any doubt about the breed of your dog, it is important that you go to the vet to clarify any type of doubt that may arise in your the day to day with your dog.