How to walk my cat

In the society in which we live, at least in our country, we are used to seeing dogs walk with their owners down the street. They go for a walk, to exercise and also to relieve themselves. We are used to thinking that our cats have to be always locked in the floors, because as they do their needs in their box it is no longer necessary for them to leave. But this does not have to be like this. Cats can also walk and enjoy nature with us. That's why from .com we want to talk to you about how to walk a cat .

Steps to follow:


Deworm your cat. Put the pipettes that the veterinarian advises you before taking him for a walk. If necessary, ask for a necklace that protects you from possible bugs.


Get an appropriate harness . Each cat is different, so try to get a harness that does well and does not hurt you. Notice that it is the right size and that if you come across a dog, you will have time to react. The strap should be short but loose.


Accustom your cat to the ride harness before taking it for a walk. Put on the harness but without a leash, you may be nervous at first, but leave it for 10 minutes, then take it off and give it a prize and pampering so you can see it's a good thing. Never leave your cat alone with the harness on, it could get stuck somewhere.


When you are no longer afraid of the harness, adjust it a little and encourage him to walk with him, do not guide him or force him to walk in certain places. Let him walk alone, the intention is to accept the harness with naturalness. Give him a prize and pamper him when he does.


When you are used to the harness, put it on at home and let him walk. First alone and then with you. Do not drag it or force it to walk through specific places. Leave him free and thus prevent him from struggling. Increase the minutes per day, and you will see the results and how they will improve. He has to accept the idea of walking with you.


Take special care in the first walk, when you take it out, put it on the floor of the door for two minutes, if you act with curiosity and not with fear, increase the minutes.


The first walk on the outside will have to be a few minutes and always in a protected area without danger of being able to meet other animals, with unknown people or with noises that could scare you.


The walks should be short and in places that are not dangerous because the cats get scared easily.

  • Keep in mind that not all cats are the same, and if your cat is scary or shy, it is not advisable to take him out for a walk in the street. It is best to remove it in a patio or terrace where it is safe. Only do it if you think you can face the situation without much stress.
  • If you live in a city, it is unwise to take your cat for a walk as there are more situations that can become dangerous.
  • If you have any doubt, do not hesitate to see your veterinarian.