How to stop the ears of a yorkshire - expert advice

The yorkshire terrier is a lovely little breed of dog with a lovely appearance. It is a race seen in canine beauty contests and is one of the most common as a furry companion in a home. These dogs usually have stiff ears, in fact they must have them like this to be able to participate in beauty contests, since otherwise they are disqualified, because they do not fit in the canons marked by the juries.

The raised ears is another of the characteristic features of the breed, such as its coat or its character and size, but it is not anything else, it is not vital for your health. The fact that the ears are drooping or one is bent and the other is raised is not an indicator of health problems. Only in cases where they are very fallen and problems often occur, such as chronic otitis, it is really necessary to intervene to lift them. If you have thought "my yorkshire does not raise your ears", take note of these tips we give you on how to stop the ears of a yorkshire terrier .

Why my yorkshire terrier has fallen ears

There are several reasons why dogs have fallen ears, regardless of their breed. To begin with, there are breeds that have medium or large and long ears, such as beagles, basset hounds or cockers. However, in the case of dogs that genetics in principle should have pointed ears, like most yorkshires, chihuahuas or German shepherds, there are several factors that can cause the ears are lower than normal.

  • Genetics: not all Yorkies have ears raised, as there are genetic lines with the tips bent and even somewhat dropped. So, make sure you know if your puppy's parents looked like this or not and, if so, you do not have to worry.
  • The age of the dog: the puppies do not have to be born with this aspect, they can have the ears bent or a stiff and the other not and later they raise them. At what age raise the ears the yorkshire is what many people ask that they have a small, and the truth is that the normal is from 3 months, so do not worry until after this time.
  • Weak cartilages: another possible reason for this aspect in a dog is that it has weak cartilage of the auricle, that is to say that it has softer the part that is usually more rigid.
  • Excess of hair: it is a race with a lot of hair and long, and even in the ears they have quantity and it is long. But when it is too much fur even for them, or if it is added that there is weakness of the cartilages, then it is easy for this part to yield to the weight.
  • Otohematoma: or what is the same, an important hematoma in the auricle or ear. In this case, the usual thing is that it is only on one side although it can be on both. For example, you may go through a hit playing or shaking too hard. A lot of blood accumulates on the edge of the auricle, this bulge causes the affected ear to fall more and normally it is necessary to drain or operate to solve it.

So, before deciding to stop the ears of your yorkshire terrier, check with your veterinarian what the cause may be and if it is really necessary to do so, to tell you which method is the best in your case.

How to stop the ears of my yorkshire terrier with a cohesive bandage

If you want to stop the ears to your yorkshire there is a way to do it without causing any harm to your pet, it is about encintar the ears. Although many people use adhesive tape, but it is not the best option because it sticks too much to the hair and skin and, of course, other stronger tapes are very bad option. To not do any damage to the dog, it is made with cohesive tape, which is rough and adheres to itself firmly without using adhesives, so it does not harm the animal.

It is recommended to do it when the dog is very young, when the cartilages are still finishing forming and hardening, so that it really works. To use this trick simply wrap the ears with a little tape, loosely so that they are not bent or bother or hurt, leave it as many hours as possible. However, it can not be used on a daily basis to ensure that the cartilage and skin rest, so it can be used at most every other day. If you use adhesive tape you will have to put a sterile gauze between the tape and the ear to avoid damage.

Before trying to do this so that your ears are upright go to the vet to make sure that everything is fine and does not involve any complications.

Cut the hair from the ears of the yorkshire so they get up

Continuing with the question of how to put the stiff ears to a yorkshire without hurting it, we found the option to trim the hair from the ears . As we have said, in cases that have a lot of hair the weight of this can double the auricular pavilions.

With scissors for the type of hair of this breed or a razor or electric razor you can leave this part with the shorter fur, enough so that they stop looking decayed, but without shaving the area. You have to cut the hair of the yorkshire very carefully to avoid damage, so you have to ensure that it is quiet while doing it.

If you do not have experience or if you prefer not to do it yourself, it is best to take the dog to a canine hairdresser .

Food and supplements for the cartilage of the ears of the yorkshire

To put the ears on tip to a dog if your problem is weak cartilages, it is best to help you improve them through your diet. Add foods with gelatin to your food, such as some parts of pork or neutral gelatin without additives.

In addition, there are supplements for cartilage that the veterinarian can provide, as well as chondroprotectors, which are protective for the joints, but also act to slow the loss of cartilage, so they are a good idea in case of cartilage weakness.

Operate the ears of the yorkshire terrier

The veterinarian can decide that surgery is necessary to lift the ears, something that is usually done when the fact of having them very falls causes very serious problems, such as chronic otitis that reach perforate the eardrum. It does not mean that a cut of ears is made, but the veterinarian will decide which technique is better.

Another case in which the auricular pavilion must be operated is when there is an otohematoma, to drain the blood and disinfect well. After this intervention the dog can recover the shape of his ears without problems, unless the otohematoma was very serious and there was enough hemorrhage, which produces a large lump in the ear. Therefore, if before suffering it had the ear raised can recover this position.