How to improve the breeding of canaries

Canaries are domestic birds that have a beautiful song. The males sing in the breeding season, which lasts all spring and part of summer to conquer the females and get copulated with them. There are many varieties of canaries and they are usually yellow, but there are also browns, reds, oranges and whites. If you have a group of canaries together in a large cage, both males and females in order to raise them, it is important to take into account some recommendations to improve the breeding of canaries successfully, keep reading because in .com we explain them to you.

You will need to:
  • Nests
  • Baby food
  • Hairs to nest
  • Calcium block
  • Identification rings
  • Bath bowl
  • Stick or spoon to feed
Steps to follow:


During the time when the Canaries breed, the males become more active and sing, it is normal to see that they persecute and fight to get the females. The females will choose the male that sings best and will nest with it.


So that the females can nest, you have to put enough nests inside the cage, so that all the females have a place to lay the eggs. You can buy these nests at any pet store, it is also recommended to buy a coat that they sell in stores that are used for the females to make the nest to your liking, you will see how they collect this hair and place it carefully in the nest before putting the eggs, thus obtaining a better result.

Sometimes males help females with this task.


The females usually put between 3 and 5 eggs, but 3 chicks usually survive. the incubation process lasts about 13 days, after this time the chickens will be born.

Once the chicks are born you have to put special food for the young, so they will grow better. The females are the ones that normally feed the chicks, but the male can help them until they are large. Now if we see that the male bothers the female or other males want to mate with her, we have to separate the males that bother, but the females will abandon the chicks causing their death.


Once the chicks have become large they will jump from the nest, if you have the nest at a great height, they can hurt themselves by falling to the ground. It can happen to you that the chicks jump before the time of the nest and then the mother stops feeding them, in that case you will have to feed the chick for a few days so that it grows enough to be able to develop at all and be able to fly.

For this you have to use the special food of chicks, put a little water and do as a paste, with one hand you hold the chick and with the other, using a toothpick or anything as a small spoon, you feed. This you have to do between 5 and 6 times a day.


When the pups have grown large, you put rings on them to know exactly what year they were born and whose children they are. In this way you will be able to control the future positions and avoid parents and children crossing each other.

  • If you have many canaries together in a large cage and are both males and females, we recommend that you choose the male you see more active and that you like, and separate it in a cage with two females. This way, you will avoid that the other males bother the females during the laying and thus prevent the females from abandoning the chicks prematurely.
  • It is good that during this time you put blocks of calcium that are sold in stores, so the eggs will come out better and they will not be soft.
  • Put water in a container large enough for the canaries to bathe.