How to keep my cat clean

There is a typical characteristic of felines that no owner can ignore: cats are very neat animals . Although they agree to accustom them to water from small, the reality is that these animals tend to groom themselves. However, and depending on where our cat goes, it often gets dirty more than usual and it is difficult to clean itself, which is why many people wonder how to keep their cat clean without bothering them too much. In .com we give you some tips for you to succeed.

Steps to follow:


Cats groom themselves to clean their fur, they are extremely neat animals, however, and especially to avoid too much hair at home, it is advisable to help them with the task of grooming to keep them properly clean.


Brushing our cat's hair is essential to keep it clean. This will help reduce the dirt of your fur, eliminate knots, prevent the house is always full of hairs, and at the same time prevent our animal constantly swallowing hair, thus reducing possible diseases in cats with problems to spit hair balls .

In the case of shorthair cats we can do it once a week, while those with long hair require this care daily.


If you live in a house with a garden or your cat has contact with other animals, it is very important that during brushing you also notice if there are parasites like fleas or ticks, as well as the state of your skin that should be free of chafing., wounds and irritations.


If you want to keep your cat clean it is very important to clean your ears, a very delicate part of the animal's anatomy. The correct cleaning of the ears helps to prevent different diseases, the recommendation is to do it once a month.

To begin, never insert anything in the feline's ears (sticks, sticks with cotton etc) because any sudden movement, typical of these restless animals, can cause much damage. It is best to use a gauze with well drained serum and clean the ear on the outside and inside but without going too deep to not hurt.


Also with a gauze dampened in serum we can clean the eyes of our cat in case you have some lagaƱa or dirt. Firmly take the animal's head and gently remove any dirt with the gauze. It is very important to be delicate, because if the cat feels attacked or uncomfortable it is possible that it escapes from our arms or attacks us to get away from the situation.


Although cats are not usually pets that take a bath, as it is the case of dogs, it is always convenient that from small our feline is accustomed to water, because if at any time his coat is stained with mud, grease or any other substance, we will need to bathe it at home, and the idea is to make the experience as friendly as possible for our animal.


To keep the cat clean it is important to make the whole grooming task a pleasant experience for the animal . We must never force it because that will only produce fear in the feline who will then have trouble letting us get close. After finishing it, go over it with a cat cookie so that you feel that the whole process has finally paid off.