How to take my dog ​​on a bicycle

If you like to walk with your dog and go out to do some exercise with it, one of the best ways to have a great time is to ride a bicycle. In this way you will do a very complete physical activity both, creating a stronger bond and keeping your health in good condition. Whether you want to do some sport, walk quietly with your dog or go faster to a place with him there are several ways to go cycling with your dog .

If you want to know some of these ways to spend a good time with your dog in a safe way, keep reading this article of .com and discover how to take your dog on a bicycle .

Adapter to take your dog on a bicycle

One of the most used ways to take your dog on bicycle is practical and safe is to use an adapter to attach the strap. The adapter is a suitable way to keep your dog at a safe distance, thus avoiding trips and possible accidents that can occur with long straps that are easily entangled.

It is a curved or straight iron, depending on the model, with an extension that can be tied in the harness of the dog so that it can run quietly with you while you ride. This adapter that keeps a safe distance, both for you and your faithful friend, is usually placed at the height of the bicycle saddle. With this technique to walk safely you will exercise both and you will have a great time.

Trailer to walk with your dog on a bicycle

Another very safe way to take your dog on a bicycle is to place a special trailer to carry dogs on bicycles. The trailers for dogs have a very resistant structure and there are models to place in front of the bicycle and others that go in the back.

There are different sizes and models of trailers, there are large models for large dogs, or to carry more than one at a time, and there are individual models and for smaller dogs. It is best to go to the store with the dog to prove that the trailer we chose is the right one to take to our partner on a bicycle.

If you prefer to take the uncovered trailer, it is advisable that you use a harness and a short strap that you can tie inside the trailer to prevent your dog from jumping or leaving while you are riding the bike.

Special bicycles to carry dogs

There are bikes and tricycles that are designed to walk with your dog. These carry a large basket already built in which you can accommodate and ensure your faithful companion to take long walks and enjoy together. These models usually carry the basket incorporated in the front or in the middle. They can usually be found in large sports stores and some specialized pet stores.

Having a bicycle specially adapted for this activity is a very good alternative for when you prefer not to travel with your dog by car.

Special basket to carry dogs on bicycle

If you have a small size can, a perfect option for cycling with your dog is to use a basket to carry small sized dogs on bicycles. These baskets are usually designed for dogs that weigh less than 10kg and are usually placed on the handlebar of the bicycle.

The basket should have a lid with a grid so that if you close it, the dog can breathe properly. Make sure to put a harness on your dog and use a short strap to tie it inside the basket to make it safer.

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  • Remember to visit the vet frequently to make sure that your dog's health is good and that he can perform this activity.
  • Do not forget to take your documentation, water for both and some food.
  • Before leaving home, make sure everything is properly positioned and fixed to avoid accidents.
  • Try to rest a few moments so as not to force your dog and offer him water.