How to fill a bird drinker

Do you have birds in your house like canaries, parakeets or others, and you have to leave them for a few days because you are going on a trip? You must have water troughs that keep the water in good condition and last long enough until you return home. For this reason, here we show you which drinker you can use and how it is filled with water.

You will need to:
  • Bird feeder
  • Water
Steps to follow:


This bird drinker can be found in different sizes, therefore, depending on the number of birds you have in a cage, it is better to have a large or small bird. The water should not be more than a week in the drinking fountain, as small algae are created and that is not good for your birds. To begin filling this sprue, separate the base of the container that looks like a test tube or glass.


Next, fill the glass with water until it is full, as shown in the image.


Cover the glass full of water with the base of the sprue . It may be that the lid is somewhat dirty with algae from the water that was before, if it is the case, you have to wash the base with water and rub to remove any dirt.


Now, so that you do not drop the water through the tongue where the birds drink, you have to turn the sprue in the opposite direction to this tongue. In this way, when turned over, the tongue will always look up so that the water in the glass does not fall.


You just need to place the sprue between the grid of your birds cage.

  • If the drinking fountain is very dirty with algae, put a little bleach with water to remove the algae (so birds do not have access to this water with bleach!). Then rinse it with plenty of water and you can continue using it.