How to clean a fish tank

To maintain the health of the fish and the hygiene of the fish tank, it is necessary to clean it frequently. This is the way to keep it in an optimal state to favor the health of our fish. If you do not know where to start, in .com we explain how to clean a fish tank easily, ready to learn?

Steps to follow:


Keep in mind that fish that are very sensitive and special. Therefore, it is recommended not to use soap or daily cleaning products to remove dirt from the tank. This can cause problems in the health of the fish, be very careful.


There are special pumps that placed inside the fish tanks, help maintain water quality . These, what they do is change the water constantly: they end up with dirty water and introduce clean water. It is advisable to use them once a week, when the water in the tank starts to get dirty.


There is also the option of introducing cleaning fish into your tank. They are special fish that keep the tank clean, since they end up with all the waste and dirt that accumulates in it. Before doing so, make sure they are compatible with the fish species that you already have in your tank.


Be careful with the algae that accumulate on the walls of the tank and the gadgets that you have inside. We recommend that once a week, use a scraper that will help you to finish with this growing herb. Do not apply any soap or gel, since as we have clarified previously, it can affect your fish.


It is very important that you dedicate part of the cleaning to your fish tank filter . You can clean it every 15 days, avoiding doing it at the same time you clean the rest of your tank, since everything at the same time is not advisable. Clean it and remove all the accumulated dirt that does not allow the water to be clean. In a specialized center they will give you the right tools, in addition to the biological supports to perform this task.

  • Avoid releasing toxic waste into the water in your aquarium.
  • Do not use any product that is not recommended by a specilist.