How to clean a pond with fish

Many people enjoy having fish as pets, either because they like them in themselves or because they find it pleasant to have at home a nice and relaxing element like that of well-decorated fish ponds. In any case, the fish are delicate animals and keeping them in a clean and well-kept environment is very important to accompany us for a long time, so we offer some advice to imply the pond or aquarium below.

Steps to follow:


When doing internal cleaning, it is preferable to put the fish in another container while cleaning. This is necessary especially if the fish tank is not very large and you have little space to move the cleaning accessories.


Be careful when removing the mold and algae that form in the pond, especially at the corners. It is not always necessary to eliminate them completely but the excesses. This can be done with a special sponge for this but remember that you should never use chemicals of any kind to avoid contaminating the water.


Then you have to remove all the garbage and other elements that may be in the water and sweep the bottom of the pond. This step is done with a network similar to a kitchen strainer. It should be done slowly and without stirring too much water, as this can cause that we only stir the earth and the stones of the bottom.


It is very common that we have a pond in the garden of our house and that causes the fall of herbs, pieces of leaves, etc. we will have to remove all these elements so that the water does not get bad, it will also be advisable that we make circuits that move the water so that it does not stagnate.


The water must be changed but not totally. Just remove thirty percent of the water and replace it with clean water. This is because the fish get used to the environment of the pond or aquarium and if drastically modified they can get sick.


To make the task of cleaning easier, it is important to have accessories for ponds such as pumps and water filters, we must also check them and ensure they filter well the water in our pond. If we use prefabricated plastic tanks, we will have to make sure that we clean the bottom of the watertight well.