How to clean a horse's hooves

The horse is a large animal that distributes all its weight on four very thin extremities. The importance of that base, the helmet, is fundamental to avoid future injuries. A crack or an infection in the feet is avoidable if you get used to clean the helmets after riding. You will improve equine performance and well-being. Now we explain them in a few simple steps.

You will need to:
  • 1 cleanser
Steps to follow:


With a clean hull, the remains of mud and dirt are eliminated, from the heel to the fire.


The frog should be cleaned carefully to remove traces of stones or other objects, as it is an area where bacteria accumulate.


We will check that there is no cut or crack ; as well as the degree of dryness of the helmet.


If an unpleasant odor is perceived, it is a sign of infection. You must clean very well and apply hydrogen peroxide.


To finish, check the condition of the horseshoe . It must be perfectly fixed and its rivets must be in place.

  • Pay special attention to sudden changes in humidity, since they are harmful to the health of the helmet.