How to clean a ferret's cage

Do you share a house with a hairy ferret as a pet? So one of the most important care of ferrets is to preserve the hygiene of their cage. These animals naturally give off a very powerful odor and to combat it is important to take the cleaning of your cabin very seriously. Think that your pet spends many hours in it and it is essential that it is always in a hygienic and healthy environment. In this article of .com we tell you how to clean the cage of a ferret in detail.

Steps to follow:


The cleaning of your ferret's cage is one of the basic cares that will help control that characteristic odor. It is recommended to review the cage at least once a day and remove all the debris that remains at the bottom of your hygienic tray with the help of paper. The cleaning in depth will have to do it once a week, although it will depend on the number of pets you have. In that daily hygiene, you will have to remove all the stools and all the bed that is in poor condition. If there is a lot of dirt, you may have to change the bed completely, a task that is usually done every two days or as you deem appropriate.


Although you do not clean in depth, it is convenient that in this daily review you pass some wet wipe or cloth on the shelves to remove any dirt if any. Despite doing this daily cleaning, once a week you will have to clean the house of your ferret thoroughly, removing all the accessories that are inside (beds, hammocks, feeders, drinkers ...). For this task you should not use bleach, because you could damage the respiratory tract of your pet, instead it is preferable that you use a mild cleanser with active oxygen.


First, you will have to empty the entire cage; Start with the tray and spray the cleaner around the corners, letting it act for a few minutes. Next, prepare a bucket of water with a little mild soap and a cloth, wipe all the bars of the cage with the cloth so that no dirt remains stuck. If necessary, you can use a toothbrush for the most inaccessible areas.

When you have cleaned everything, change the water to start rinsing with clean water. After rinsing, and to leave a good smell, dilute in a spray a little softener mixed with water, pour a little, let it take effect and then dry with a clean cloth or paper.


All the accessories that your ferret has in the cage can be cleaned by hand with soap and hot water or even in the dishwasher, as long as you know that the material resists. You have to be very careful with the cleaning products used for drinking troughs and feeders because they could leave a strong smell that causes rejection in your pet.

After everything, it should be dried to perfection, if you have a hairdryer, use it. And if that is not the case, let them dry in the sun. Once they have dried thoroughly, both the objects and their cage, you can put everything inside. Finally, you can spray a little special colony for ferrets to be impregnated throughout the environment they inhabit.