How to clean a hamster's cage

Do you have a hamster as a pet? Well, we recommend that you continue reading this article so that you can take care of your furry pet as it deserves and guarantee your health and well-being. Among the care that a major hamster needs, is the cleaning of its cage, which is essential to maintain good hygiene and avoid being vulnerable to possible infections. Pay attention to the following lines and discover how to clean a hamster's cage step by step.

Steps to follow:


To begin with, we must make it clear that hamsters are very sensitive to smell and very neat with their hygiene. Bearing this in mind, it is not advisable to clean your cabin with very aggressive products, chemical cleaners should not be used, leaving a strong trace of odor. You will have to look for a product that is the most natural and that is recommended for use. The first thing you should do is put your pet in another safe cage or container while you clean your house.


Once your pet is in a separate place, you must remove all the objects from your cage: drinkers, feeders, nest, fabrics, toys inside, etc. Many specialists do not advise to disinfect excessively all the things of the hamsters, because they are very territorial and mark with their smell certain zones. If you clean it too much, it will lose its smell and can be very confusing; What you can do is clean with very mild veterinary soaps and give them a light wash.


To clean the cage of a hamster and all its equipment, it is useful to use a spatula that allows to remove the remains of food and feces that adhere to the bars of the floor and the wall. Then, take a wet brush with mild soap and water and scratch everything that has stuck. If all the dirt is not gone, you can submerge the entire compartment in hot water to clean it completely. Once it is well cleaned, rinse several times with water and dry everything well with paper or outdoors, if you are not in a hurry.


You will also have to clean all the things of your hamster. The first thing you should do is place everything in a basin with soap and water. Then, with the same brush before, scratch, clean and rinse thoroughly. Then, air dry or using paper, paying special attention to cloth or wood objects so they are not a focus of mold and mildew. When your house is dry, you can put your sawdust and all your belongings back. In the end, you can take your hamster and place it in its clean cage.


As a general rule, it is not recommended to wash the hamster's cage very often. This general cleaning should be scheduled a couple of times a month at the most. For daily hygiene, just remove with a shovel or spatula the remains of food, stool or dirt, but you should not clean daily.

What is important is that your feeder and drinker is always impeccable, change the water container daily and put clean water. You have to be very careful with fermented food because it could cause a lot of damage and it is essential to remove any remaining perishable food every day. In the following article you can see how to feed a hamster.