How to clean the cage of a guinea pig

The guinea pigs are small rodents with long hair that often defecate very often, which causes their cage to become very dirty. Cleaning the cage of a guinea pig is one of the things that you should take into account when making your pet's life easier, since guinea pigs are very clean animals. Good hygiene of the cabin of our pet is essential to avoid infections in the animal that can be transmitted to humans during handling. Also, you will prevent your food from being contaminated with undesirable bacteria that cause health problems.

With a good cleaning of your cage we will get rid of unpleasant odors that contaminate our home. In .com we teach you how to clean the cage of a guinea pig in an optimal way so that your coexistence is as harmonious as possible.

Steps to follow:


To start cleaning the cage of a guinea pig, the first thing you have to do is remove the animal from its cage and place it in a safe place where accidents or losses can not occur. Remember that your pet is very curious and fast.


He then removes all his toys and utensils for food from his cage . Throw away any food or dirt that may have accumulated in them and rinse all these items with water until you are sure they are clean. Let them drain in the sink until they dry.


Remove all traces of food, feces and dirt from the cage. To clean the cage of a guinea pig it would be appropriate to acquire special cleaning utensils for this sale in specialized stores. It is better not to use the ones you use to clean the items belonging to your other pets or those you use to clean your home. Difference wipes, brushes, rakes or sponges for a matter of hygiene.


Choose natural cleaning agents to preserve the health of your pet because the bleach or other cleaning products are very aggressive and can harm your dear friend. A good option is to use vinegar diluted in water since it is very disinfectant and will not produce adverse reactions in your partner. Always try to let the cage dry before reintroducing the objects of your guinea pig to avoid creating fungi or mold in it.


If, despite grooming, the cage still gives off a strong odor you can find special deodorants for rodent cages in pet stores. These are products that are safe for your partner and that improve the environment.

You should not use chemical products that you use for your home like perfumed sprays or colognes, remember that your friend is very sensitive.


Once you clean and dry your pet's cage, line the bottom with newspaper . Create your bed again and reintroduce your toys and food containers clean and dry. Try to take advantage every time you clean your cabin to introduce new elements that stimulate your partner to play and discover new challenges adapted to him.

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