How to clean the cage of the parakeets

Do you have a parakeet at home as a pet? As one of the basic care apart from food and veterinary assistance, is the cleaning of your cabin. The hygiene of the cage is basic for the health of your bird and so that it has a comfortable space and in perfect conditions. It must be a habit that you have included in your routine of attention, because it is essential to avoid many diseases and conditions that may endanger your health. In this article of .com we explain in detail how to clean the cage of the parakeets.

Steps to follow:


When we talk about cleaning the cage, we refer to everything that surrounds your pet. Your home should be thoroughly cleaned once a week, it should even be disinfected with each wash. It is important that you do not let the dirt accumulate in the bottom of the cage, including the poles on which the bird perches.

In this sense, we recommend that if you have more than one parakeet in a cage, avoid that the poles overlap so that they are stained with excrement or fall on the troughs or feeders. Starting from this, to clean the empty cage the entire lower tray, which will be full of feed and its physiological needs, and removes all the accessories that need to be cleaned: swings, mirrors, bars, feeders, drinking troughs and any other object that may be its interior.


You will have to clean all the accessories with soap and water, because they may be full of dirt from food or their stools. Clean each object with warm water and a mild soap and before re-inserting it in the cage, let it dry thoroughly.

It is recommended that the troughs and feeders be cleaned more frequently, you will have to take a look every day to see how much your water and food are clean and perfect. With the feeder, you must take into account remove the empty husks of the food and fill with new seeds. Do not let the old seeds accumulate in the background.

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Once you have cleaned all the objects in the cage, you must proceed to clean the bars of the cage. Grab a clean rag soaked with a disinfectant lotion and pass it through all the bars of the cage, once you are done, with another clean rag remove all the remains of the cleaning product so that it does not harm the health of your parakeet. Finally, with a little paper or other dry cloth, leave all the bars dry and clean, or you can take the cage outside to dry in the open air.


The base of the cage that you have removed at the beginning and on which the seeds of food and depositions tend to fall, you should clean it thoroughly with water and bleach. Let it soak a little and then clean, rinse and dry. Once the base is dry, place a cardboard or newspaper on top, which will allow you to remove the food and other debris throughout the week, without having to clean the bottom constantly. After this, enter the base in the cage, place all your accessories and you have the entire cabin ready for your parakeet.