How to ride my bike with my dog

One of the things that most entertain dog lovers is to do activities with them. If you have ever wondered how to ride a bicycle with my dog, you must take into account a series of guidelines, the first thing is that dogs, to a greater or lesser degree according to race, are active animals. They love doing activities abroad with the best companion that exists for them, their caregiver, so going by bicycle can be a fun alternative to walks in the park and, in addition, it has the advantage of requiring both parties to exercise physical. If you are a dog and bicycle lover, .com we help you to go cycling with your dog in a safe and fun way.

Steps to follow:


Make sure your pet is in optimal conditions for intense sports. Take your dog to the veterinarian to confirm this information and explain what is your intention so that he can recommend the best distance, pace and frequency. By common sense, very small dogs (less than 11 kilos approximately) and puppies can not perform this type of exercise.

It is important to take all these data into consideration so that our pet enjoys the ride and does not become a torture for him.


It is also important that you take safety into account. Use the appropriate equipment for the departure by bike: Helmet, water (for both), appropriate clothing, and so on. It is important that you master the bicycle with which you are going to walk with your dog to avoid accidents. It is not advisable to do the ride with a bicycle with which you do not feel safe and if you have not ridden for a long time, as accidents may occur.


Prepare your pet for the ride. Once we have made sure that the dog is in good condition to walk, if you want to know how to go cycling with my dog, you should take into account the following:

  • Introduce the bike to your travel partner. Let her sniff her and get acquainted with her.
  • Let your pet do their needs before the ride so you can perform the exercise relaxed
  • Have patience, if it is the first time you go with you on a bike it is normal that at first you feel disoriented and lurch.
  • Use a comfortable harness for this and that will provide maximum comfort to your dog.
  • Use an adapter to tie the strap to the bicycle for sale in specialized stores. It's safer for you and your pet.
  • If the tour is through the city, the animal must always go to the right.


You must take into account the route you are going to take, avoid excessively long distances or dangerous routes. In addition, the pace should be moderate, you should make sure that your dog feels comfortable; the right thing to do is start at a slow pace and, as the dog gets used to it, increase speed. Do not jerk or lurch, or make sudden changes of pace. The speed must be constant.


It is important that you value the health status of your pet. You should also think about your mood before starting the trip because if you see it apathetic or with signs of being sick, do not do the activity.

You should also be careful with heat strokes . Dogs have a tendency to suffer heat strokes. It is a pathology in many cases fatal. Avoid making the exit in the central hours of the day, on very hot days or with routes excessively exposed to the sun. Always remember to hydrate your pet.

There are some breeds of dogs that may have problems performing these types of exercises. Always consult the veterinarian . Enjoy the ride with your pet!