How to make a prey for cats

Do you have a cat as a pet and would you like it to be even more entertaining? Cats are pets that love to play and can spend hours having fun with anything. Therefore, in .com we propose some ideas for your pets to have new toys, in this article we explain how to make a prey for cats . You just have to look for some materials that you have at home and invest a little of your time. It's easy and very rewarding! Make your cat have fun with homemade activities and save money.

Steps to follow:


Cats tend to be entertained with anything, but pursuing a prey, whether fictional or not, is a very satisfying activity for them. So we suggest you make it yourself. You will only need newspaper and cords, socks or sticks. You can also use similar materials that the cat can shred.


Make a paper ball . Wrinkle the paper until it is completely made a ball, this will be the main reason for the dam.


While your kitten may end up making pieces of paper, you can try to give life to the prey. Make the ball turn into a mouse or another kitten. Use paints and cardboard for this. Let your imagination fly.


Once you have the ball decorated, tie a piece of string on top. With it, you will make the prey come alive, because you can place it on top of your cat and move it to try to reach it. The size of the rope should be the one that you think is ideal for you and so that you can move the prey comfortably.


You can also make a dam using old socks . If they also have holes, much better! You just have to tie a piece of string in the sock so you can move it comfortably on the floor. Your cat will go crazy trying to catch his prey!


Another idea is to use a stick and tie a rope at either end. Next, make a paper ball - similar to the one we made in step 1 - and stick it on the tip of the stick. You can also add some toy of your pet.


We propose that you make a bird, one of the animals that likes to chase any cat. To do so, create the base from two small balls . We advise you to be one of golf and another of tennis, or sizes similar to both.


Once you have both balls, paste the smaller one over the other. Try to make the position similar to the head of a bird on the body. If you have scraps of fabric, you can place them around the construction to make the body. Use non-toxic glue to hook the scraps.


With paper balls or pompoms create the eyes and with small sticks and some fabric make the wings. Place them on both sides of the bird's body. If you have feathers you can also place them as tail or wings. Finally tie a rope or thread on the bird's head so you can move it easily. Ready! You already have your bird prey .


What cat does not want to chase mice? Make one homemade. Glue two pompoms or paper balls painted gray or covered by a fabric of the same color. We advise you to use felt. If you can cut it in the form of a drop, much better. When you have the coated balls, draw the eyes and add a long string that is the tail. And play!


Some cats, especially those that live in the countryside, entertain themselves looking for snakes. Make one of your kittens with three tubes of toilet paper . Pass a rope through all the tubes and glue them so that they all stick together. This way of hooking your tubes will allow you to bend and be more flexible when moving the snake. Cover the homemade snake with green cloth or paint it.


The easiest way to entertain your kitten is with a flashlight. With fast and dry movements the cat will try to chase and catch the light. It is the cheapest and easiest way for your kitten to entertain for a long time. Test it!