How to make a bed for cats

If you have a cat you will have to provide him a place to sleep where he feels safe, comfortable and very comfortable. And you can make a bed without having to spend any money. Do you wonder how? Well keep reading, because with many things you have at home and do not use you can create a fluffy bed in which your cat wants to spend hours and hours. The options are many, and that is why we are going to give you a series of ideas that will help you. In .com we tell you how to make a bed for cats.

Old clothes (like an old-fashioned sweater), suitcases that no one uses anymore, old office chairs that turn into a feline bed, and even simple wooden boxes can easily become a bed for the cat.

With a cushion and a sweater

A good and very simple way to make a bed for your cat is with an old cushion and a wool sweater or other material that you do not use. You can give a new use to an old garment and recycle a cushion. The idea is to fill a wide sweater with a worn cushion. It is a simple, cheap alternative that you can also clean without problem.

Open the sweater, insert the cushion inside, and then close the bed by joining the sleeves of the sweater. If you do not have a cushion you can fill the sweater with more garments until it is a soft and comfortable surface.

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With a cardboard box

Cats love boxes of all kinds and especially cardboard ones. If you have a box at home that your cat has a lot of love and loves to spend time inside, we recommend that you give a personal touch to make it more comfortable and part of the decoration of the house.

Take the box and cover all the outside with some cloth, or even with some colored paper so that it is noticed that it is a box with a special use. Inside the box, when it is cold, place a folded blanket so that it is well cushioned and comfortable. And when it's hot, just put some soft and fresh fabric.

With a wooden box

Another alternative that is perhaps more durable and that allows many variations is to use a wooden box to create a bed for your cat. If you have a box at home that you do not use, we recommend that you clean it well, sand, varnish and paint a nice color. You can even put some wooden legs to raise it a little from the ground.

Or if you do not have legs, you can use another box to use it as a base and your cat is higher off the ground. For the interior use a cushion and cover with some fabric that you have at home and that you do not use. You will have created a very nice bed that you can put anywhere in the house for your cat to rest.

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With a suitcase

Do you have an old suitcase at home that you no longer use? Well instead of throwing it away, we advise you to empty it well and clean it because it will be a great refuge for your cat. It is best to use one of the halves of the suitcase to function as a bed and fill it with a cushion or fabrics that create a soft, comfortable and comfortable base.

You must fill the suitcase enough to create a good mattress. And so that the bed is not at ground level, you can put some legs to raise the suitcase. With the other part of the suitcase, you could even make an upper floor as a bunk, also filling with a cloth base.