How to make a puppy sleep all night

Although as a rule it is not convenient to alter the sleep periods of our pets, in the case of a puppy just arrived at home we can make exceptions. In these circumstances, we will be the ones who will have to act as a mother as much as possible of the small animal and, if we can not afford not to sleep at night, we will have to act. In .com we offer you some tips on how to make a puppy sleep all night.

Steps to follow:


A very important factor to achieve your goal with the puppy, to spend the whole night sleeping or, at least, not to wake up constantly, is to get to the end of the day very tired . In addition, empowering you to do physical activity you will be doing everything on your part to have good health and keep obesity away, one of the ills that most affect our pets. To start, you can teach him how to return the ball.


Already with a more psychological component, another thing that you must do to make your puppy sleep all night is to ignore him when he claims you while you are sleeping. Surely it will be hard for you not to respond to their moans or night cries, but be strong and think that if you rest at night, by day you will be in optimal conditions to attend to it.


The recommendation of the previous step you should jump whenever your pet is sick, because in this case your care towards her should be constant, either day or night, to avoid greater evils. In any case, do not get angry with the puppy if he cries a lot at night, since the only thing you will achieve is to increase his discomfort and only when he is calm and safe will he stop demanding nocturnal attention.


A comfortable bed adapted to the temperature conditions of each season of the year is a great ally to get your puppy to sleep all night . Thus, in winter you should place your pet in a warm place where he feels away from the cold. However, if the problem is high temperatures, try to be in a cool place so that the heat does not prevent you from falling asleep.


On the other hand, it is a good idea to leave your puppy a bowl of fresh water by his bed, in case he wakes up at night and starts crying because he is thirsty. If he cries because he needs water and you do not show up, you will see how soon he will realize that he has the liquid by his side and he will take it by himself.


In any case, we propose a way to calm your puppy when you complain at night. To simulate the language of your absent mother, use a sponge moistened slightly with hot water and pass it by the spine. You will be surprised by the immediate calming effect you will achieve.