What happens if I forget to seal the strike

By being enrolled in the employment service and receiving a benefit or subsidy for unemployment, that is, when we are targeted for unemployment, it is necessary to renew the demand every month. This is what is colloquially known as sealing unemployment, in order to confirm that we continue as job seekers. It is an essential procedure to collect unemployment, so it is important that you know what happens if you forget to seal the strike and we explain it to you.

Steps to follow:


First of all, it is important that you know that it is necessary to seal the unemployment each month, so you should keep in mind the date of renewal of your demand for employment so as not to forget you. You can do it in person at your employment office or through the Internet.


However, the truth is that sometimes we can forget the date on which we should seal unemployment for one reason or another and then the question arises what happens if you forget to seal the strike? The answer will depend on the situation in which it occurs, let's see below.


The most common thing is that forgetting to seal the unemployment implies a sanction that will mean a month without charging unemployment, in case it is the first time that happens to you. As soon as you realize you have not sealed it when you played, you should go to your employment office; If only one day has passed, there could be a chance that you can still seal it.


Likewise, if the forgetting of sealing the strike is repeated repeatedly:

  • The second time will mean 3 months of unemployment benefit retirement
  • On the third occasion, it will mean 6 months without charging the unemployment
  • In case you forget to seal the stoppage for the fourth time, they would take away what remains of unemployment.


In this way, it is necessary to bear in mind the date on which the strike must be sealed so as not to forget it and to have to assume the consequences of not doing so. We suggest that you mark the date on the calendar, write it down in your diary or put reminders on your mobile phone to remind you to renew the unemployment demand.