How to make my dog ​​and my cat get along

Many times we have heard the expression "they are like dogs and cats" and that is that in popular culture these two animals are not exactly the best friends . But the reality points to something else and is that depending on the way we handle our pets can coexist in perfect harmony, so in .com we give you some tips to discover how to make your dog and your cat get along . Photo: Google Images

Steps to follow:


If you have a pet, for example a dog or a cat and you intend to bring a new one home there is a key that can work: keep the puppies (either dogs or cats) close to the other animal . The little ones are curious and adventurous and will strive to relate to each other, while the adult will feel somehow the instinct to care for and play with the new animal


It is important that you learn to separate the basic spaces of pets so that they do not fight. They must have different places to eat and sleep and share the same space of common coexistence


The personal spaces of the pet that has more time in the home should not be altered otherwise it could feel threatened and drain that discomfort against the animal that has "invaded" its territory


Do not stop giving love to your dog or cat to concentrate on the new pet, rather you must want and have patience also to the greater


Create spaces in which both animals play and share together, put them around you for example caress them both, have them share, work as a kind of "moderator" of the relationship and you will see that it is possible to get along


Take into account that dogs and cats have very different characters and you have to have patience to learn to accept and live peacefully, but this task is possible so it is worth trying